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Effects of Climate Change on Birds (Oxford Biology)

Anders Pape Møller, Wolfgang Fiedler, Peter Berthold

Oxford University Press, 1ª edição, 2010
ISBN: 978-0199569755
Tipo: Brochura
Número de páginas: 344

Climate change affects all living organisms; it has done so in the past and will do so in the future. However, current climate change is exceptional both in terms of the rate of change and the impact of multiple types of global change on individuals, populations, species, and ecosystems. Effects of Climate Change on Birds provides an exhaustive and up-to-date synthesis of the science of climate change as it relates to birds. Compared with any other class of animals, birds provide more long-term data and extensive time series (some dating back more than 100 years), a more geographically and taxonomically diverse source of information, and a longer tradition of extensive research. In fact this research record exceeds what is available in all other organisms combined.

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Section 1: Introduction 
1: Anders Pape Moller, Wolfgang Fiedler, and Peter Berthold: Introduction 

Section 2: Climate 
2: James W. Hurell and Kevin E. Trenberth: Climatic Change 

Section 3: Methods for Studying Climate Change Effects 
3: Anders Pape Moller and Wolfgang Fiedler: Long-Term Time Series of Ornithological Data 
4: Vladimir Grosbois and Olivier Gimenez: Capture-Mark-Recapture Models 
5: Erik Postma: Using Animal Models to Infer and Predict Evolutionary Consequences of Climate Change 
6: Jan Lindstrom and Mads C. Forchhammer: Time-Series Analyses 
7: Bernt-Erik Saether and Steinar Engen: Population Analyses 
8: Wilfried Thuiller and Tamara Munkemuller: Habitat Suitability Modeling 

Section 4: Biological Consequences of Climate Change 
9: Esa Lehikoinen and Tim H. Sparks: Changes in Migration 
10: Peter O. Dunn and David W. Winkler: Effects of Climate Change on Timing of Breeding and Reproductive Success in Birds 
11: Christiaan Both: Food Availability, Mistiming, and Climatic Change 
12: Ben C. Sheldon: Genetic Perspectives on the Evolutionary Consequences of Climate Change in Birds 
13: Claire N. Spottiswoode and Nicola Saino: Sexual Selection and Climate Change 
14: Bernt-Erik Saether and Steinar Engen: Population Consequences of Climate Change 
15: Santiago Merino and Anders Pape Moller: Host-Parasite Interactions and Climate Change 
16: Vincent Bretagnolle and Hanneke Gillis: Predator-Prey Interactions and Climate Change 
17: Jon E. Brommer and Anders Pape Moller: Range Margins, Climate Change, and Ecology 
18: Lluis Brotons and Frederic Jiguet: Climate Change and Bird Communities 
19: Richard B. Primack, Abraham J. Miller-Rushing, and Cagan H. Sekercioglu: Conservation Consequences of Climate Change for Birds 
20: Anders Pape Moller, Wolfgang Fiedler, and Peter Berthold: Conclusions 

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