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Sharks of the World

Sharks of the World

Leonard Compagno,? Marc Dando,? Sarah Fowler

Princeton University Press, 1ª edição, 2005
ISBN: 978-0691120720
Tipo: Brochura
Número de páginas: 368

Everyone's heard of the Great Whites. But most people know little of the hundreds of other types of sharks that inhabit the world's oceans. Written by two of the world's leading authorities and superbly illustrated by wildlife artist Marc Dando, this is the first comprehensive field guide to all 440-plus shark species. Color plates illustrate all species, and detailed accounts include diagnostic line drawings and a distribution map for each species. Introductory chapters treat physiology, behavior, reproduction, ecology, diet, and sharks' interrelationships with humans.



    • More than 125 original full-color illustrations for fast and accurate identification of each shark family


    • Over 500 additional drawings illustrating physical features from different angles


    • Clear identification information for each species with details of size, habitat, behavior, and biology


    • Quick ID guide helpful for differentiating similar species


    • Geographic distribution maps for each species


  • For professional and amateur shark enthusiasts 
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