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Betta - Your Happy Healthy Pet

John H. Tullock

Howell Books, 1ª edição, 2006
ISBN: 9780471793809
Tipo: Capa dura
Número de páginas: 128

The authoritative information and advice you need, illustrated throughout with full-color photographs--now revised and redesigned to be even more reader-friendly 

Known as the "Siamese Fighting Fish," the beautiful Betta, with vivid colors and long fins (in males), has enchanting elegance and grace. Yet Bettas can fight and bite, so it's best to keep just one in a tank. This guide helps you with everything from preparing for your Betta to maintaining an environment where it will thrive. It covers: 
* Setting up an interesting aquarium
* Plants for the Betta tank
* Choosing non-aggressive tankmates
* Maintaining a healthy tank and healthy fish
* Feeding your Betta
* Breeding your Betta 
Keeping a Betta is the perfect introduction to keeping tropical fish, a relaxing, rewarding hobby everyone can enjoy.


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